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Partnerships with the Business Community

Business Projects

The business projects offered through our master's program allows teams of 4-6 students to work with a company to develop solutions for an issue currently relevant to businesses. The team is supervised throughout the 3-month project window by the company and a research assistant at the University of Cologne, who also evaluates students' performance and assigns a grade. The main goal of the project is to employ business management theory in a practical setting. In the course of the project, students should acquire relevant practical experience, apply their technical skills, and address a management issue relevant for the company. If as a company you have an interest in participating in this type of project, please contact Dr. Kampkötter (

Thesis in cooperation with a company

We regularly supervise bachelor's and master's theses on topics in personnel economics written in cooperation with a company. In this case, practical issues in human resource management that can be addressed with quantitative methods are particularly relevant. The focus often lies on human resource management policies that can be evaluated on the basis of company data (for example, personnel data, employee survey data, performance measures, etc.). If as a company you have an interest in supervising a thesis, please contact Dr. Wiesen (

Research cooperation with companies

We welcome the opportunity to work together with companies to evaluate tools in personnel economics using quantitative methods, as long as the practical issue to be addressed also overlaps with one of our primary research areas. The focus there is on evaluating instruments employed in personnel economics on the basis of measureable indicators. Examples include studying the effectiveness of incentives schemes, the effects of employee training measures, or the analysis of career paths. It interested, please directly contact Prof. Sliwka (